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Project Description
Library of custom controls for WPF: PropertyGrid, DataGrid, multi-select TreeView, ColorPicker and more.

NuGet package

The easiest way to use this library is to add a reference from the NuGet package manager.
Search for "PropertyTools.Wpf".
The build machine is updating the NuGet package at each build.


Control Description Status
PropertyGrid A control that shows properties of an object or a collection of objects. Stable
DataGrid A data grid with an "Excel feel" (note that the control is not virtualized) Stable
TreeListBox A ListBox that looks and feels like a TreeView (supports multi-select and drag-drop) Some bugs remaining
ColorPicker A color picker Stable
RadioButtonList A collection of radio buttons that binds to an enum Stable
EnumMenuItem A collection of checkable menuitems that binds to an enum Stable
EditableTextBlock A TextBlock that can be changed into a TextBox, useful for in-place editing in TreeViews Stable
FilePicker A TextBox with browse for file button Stable
DirectoryPicker A TextBox with browse for directory button Stable
DockPanelSplitter A splitter for DockPanels Stable
SpinControl A numeric up/down spinner control Stable
LinkBlock A hyperlink on a TextBlock Stable
SliderEx A Slider that calls IEditableObject.BeginEdit/EndEdit when thumb dragging Stable
PopupBox A restyled ComboBox where you can put anything in the Popup Stable
FormattingTextBox A TextBox where you can bind the StringFormat Stable








colorpicker2.png colorpicker2b.png


Generic "About" dialog
  • Titles and version is taken from AssemblyInfo
  • Open System Info...
  • Copy report



A PropertyDialog bound to Settings.Default:


Minimum requirements
  • VS 2010 and Microsoft .net Framework 4.0

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